My name is Mollie. I'm 19 years old from London, England. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoy & if you decide to follow then thanks very much!!
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Be kind to animals & love life.

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seal pups_1 by Mshai
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Tiger sharpening claws by Horst Winkler Photography
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2008 Galapagos 00776 by Chip and Susan on Flickr.
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Lion Kisses by Michael Fitzsimmons
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(via 500px / “Coqueta ” by Alejandro Ferrer Ruiz)
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Matching the environment 

Photo by Daniel Parent
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Roe deer (Mum) (by Glesgastef)

Network Closure

I am sorry to announce that I am closing down my networks as I just don’t have time to run them. I am sorry everyone involved and I hope that you call all find other networks that are better suited to your needs. I am still running my blogs and giving my all to them. But the network is just a step to far for me at the moment… Thank you all for the support.

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